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Year 12 & 13 Booklist

**Note: Books from Oxford and Pearson Education have a 6-10 weeks delivery period.  Please order your books early**

Please note that Pearson Baccalaureate Essentials: Environmental System and Societies is out of print by the publisher and is no longer available.  We will remove the item from the list.


Please note that Business Management book is currently out of stock by the publisher.  Publisher estimate the book will be available around end Sept. 


Please note the collection dates for your order from the Nexus Library:

Date of Order Collection Date
13 June – 31 July 10 Aug onwards
1 Aug – 10 Aug 17 Aug onwards
11 Aug – 17 Aug 24 Aug onwards


How to order:

  • Qty is defaulted as 1. 
  • Click on the cart to add in your order.
  • You can review your order on the top right hand corner 
  • Fill in your address (House No, Street Name and Unit No (if applicable))
  • Choose your payment mode
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There are 2 options for delivery:

  1. School delivery – to be collected from the school library 
  2. Home delivery (additional cost – $10.00).  We will do partial delivery of the available titles to you.  You may expect more than 1 delivery.
Lang & Lit Chronicle of a Death Foretold (HL & SL) Vintage $21.20
Lang & Lit Great Gatsby (HL & SL) Penguin $15.00
Lang & Lit Othello (HL & SL) CUP $17.00
Lang & Lit Things Fall Apart (HL Only) Penguin $21.20
Lang & Lit Handmaids Tale (HL Only) Vintage $17.95
Lang & Lit Persepolis (HL Only) Vintage $24.25
English B English B for the IB Diploma Coursebook CUP $76.10
English B Whose Life Is It Anyway (HL Only) Dramatic $23.10
French Ab Init Panorama francophone 1 Coursebook Cambridge Elevate Edition (2 Years) CUP $41.55
French Ab Init Panorama francophone 1 Workbook CUP $17.85
French B A-Z For French ab Initio Elemi $38.00
French B IB Course Book: French B (Print & Online) Oxford $62.30
French B A-Z For French B Elemi $38.00
Spanish Ab Ini Panorama Hispanohablante Digital Coursebook (2 Years) CUP $41.55
Spanish Ab Ini Panorama Hispanohablante 1 Workbook CUP $17.25
Spanish Ab Ini A-Z For Spanish ab Initio Elemi $38.00
Spanish B Mañana Coursebook with Digital Access (2 Years) CUP $77.10
Spanish B Mañana Spanish B for IB Diploma Workbook CUP $26.00
Spanish B A-Z For Spanish B Elemi $38.00
Chinese B Explorer Coursebook 1 Laureate Hall $47.40
Chinese B Explorer Coursebook 2 Laureate Hall $47.40
Chinese B Explorer Coursebook 3 Laureate Hall $47.40
Chinese AB Ini iChinese Book 3 Cengage $64.50
Business Business Management, 5th Edition IBID Press $120.80
Economics Economics for the IB Diploma, 2nd Edition (Print and eBook Bundle) Pearson $100.00
Geog IB Geography Coursebook (HL/SL) Oxford $74.50
History History for the IB Diploma Paper 2 Causes and Effects of 20th Century Wars with Digital Access (2 Years) CUP $60.10
History IB History Course Book: Authoritarian States Oxford $67.50
History Access to History: China 1839-1997 Hodder $35.00
Psychology IB Psychology Coursebook Oxford $86.60
Biology IB Biology Course Book Oxford $97.70
Biology IB Biology Study Guide (Recommended) Oxford $62.00
Chemistry IB Chemistry Coursebook Oxford $97.70
Chemistry IB Chemistry Study Guide (Recommended) Oxford $62.00
Physics IB Physics Study Guide (Recommended) Oxford $62.00
Physics Physics for the IB Diploma Coursebook, 6th edition CUP $97.40
SEHS IB Sports, Exercise & Health Science Coursebook Oxford $72.90
SEHS Revise IB: Sports Exercise and Health Science TestPrep Workbook (SL &HL) Recommended Extend Edu $39.00
Comp Sci Core Computer Science: For the IB Diploma Program Express Pub $74.00
Comp Sci Advanced Computer Science: For the IB Diploma Program Express Pub $64.10
TI-Nspire CX II (Graphic Calculator) Texas $188.00
Math AA HL IB Mathematics Higher Level, Analysis and Approaches (Print and Enhanced Online) Oxford $115.20
Math AA SL IB Mathematics Standard Level, Analysis & Approaches (Print and Enhanced Online) Oxford $115.20
Math AI SL IB Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation SL (Print and Online) Oxford $81.00
Music IB Music Revision Guide, 3rd Edition Anthem $38.00

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